Improving Your Practice Growth

Dental waiting room full of peopleIn order for the average dental practice to grow, it must bring in around 25-50 new patients each month. In order to attract these new patients, it’s important to be aware of your practice’s strength’s, weaknesses, threats, and opportunities. Once you know these things, you can put a marketing plan into place.

Improving the Growth of Your Dental Practice

Below are a few things to do when attempting to improve the growth of your dental practice:

  • Analyze Your Practice – It’s a good idea to have your dental practice analyzed just to get an accurate picture of where you’re at currently. You can hire experts to observe patient flow, staff communication, and record keeping, among other things.
  • Get Your Staff On the Same Page – Take advantage of workshops and classes that can help your staff bond and work together. The closer your team is, the better you’ll all work together to improve your dental practice.
  • Design a Marketing Plan – Design a marketing plan based on the specific needs and strengths of your dental practice. This plan should include your budge, a timeline, and goals that are easy to measure.
  • Learn to Communicate – Learn to communicate and build relationships with your dental patients. Some patients will want to get to know you, while others just want to get in, have their dental work done, and get out. The trick is to mirror your patient’s communication style.
  • Ask For Referrals – Around 75% of your new patients can come from your existing patient base. Let your patients know that you’re open to referrals or start a referral rewards program to encourage your current patients to let their family and friends know about you. Loyal patients can be your best marketing tools!

If you’re ready to put together a marketing plan tailored specifically to your dental practice’s individual needs, please don’t hesitate to contact Pro Dental Designs. We’ve helped countless dental practices to reach their growth goals.

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