Using Your Blog As a Marketing Tool

Blog MarketingWhen you hear about social media, you may initially think of Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, or Twitter, but a blog page may not have entered your mind. However, blogs are perhaps the best form of social media out there. Your dental blog page can be a great way for you to share information with your patients, interact with them, and allow them to share your content with friends and family.

Using Your Blog To Market Your Practice

Below are a few great ways to use your blog to market your dental practice:

  • Introduce Yourself – Using your blog to introduce yourself or your practice can be a great way to give your office an identity and a voice. This allows your patients to feel more connected with you and your practice, forming a bond that will last.
  • Educate Your Patients – One of the best ways for you to promote your dental service is to educate your patients about their own dental health. This will also help drive potential patients to your website and ultimately, to your door. Your blog can open up a discussion and allow your readers to feel comfortable asking questions about their oral health.
  • Don’t Overwhelm Your Readers – One thing to keep in mind when updating your blog is to keep it minimal. We recommend two posts a month, so that your patients can anticipate new content, but don’t feel bombarded with posts.

Your marketing plan should always include a blog page on your dental website. When executed correctly, your blog can help to bring in new patients and form a stronger bond with the patients you currently have.

For help with putting together a marketing plan, or for any other questions regarding your dental blog, please don’t hesitate to contact Pro Dental Designs.

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