Challenges Facing The Dental Profession

Dental Profession Challenges

The dental profession is always improving and changing with new technology. Because of the ever-changing nature of dentistry, there are many challenges faced by dentists today. From money concerns to office issues and patient care, practices all over the world are being similarly affected.

Challenges Facing Dentists

Below are 4 of the largest concerns that dental practices are currently facing:

  • Corporate Dentistry – Private practice dentistry is being threatened by corporate dentistry. Many larger brands are incorporating a wider variety of services including groceries, household goods, clothing, yard care needs, and are now offering optometry and dentistry services as well. Oftentimes these places can offer lower prices, putting private practices at risk.
  • Student Loans – Student loans for dentists are often incredibly high and can take years or decades to fully pay off. A common misconception is that older practices have paid off student loans in full, but some practices can be over 20 years old and still be in student loan debt. Combine these student loans with the increasing tuition costs of dental school, and it’s a clear challenge facing dental practices today.
  • Lack of Support – Many dentists believe that dental schools should be better at helping graduating dentists find jobs and become established. These dentists also believe that this lack of support for newer dentists will threaten the success of future dental practices.
  • Dental Labs – Around 2,000 American dental laboratories have had to close because products are being produced in labs located out of the country in increasing numbers. Additionally, there is very little regulation on these products and many dentists are dissatisfied with the current research projects in the labs.

Just because challenges are there doesn’t mean they can’t be overcome. If you focus on excellent patient care and proper marketing techniques, you can ensure that your dental practice is successful.

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