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Social Media Marketing

Reaching More Patients on Facebook & Instagram

    • Social Ads

    • $75/mo
    • $99 Setup + $100/mo budget
    • $100 monthly budget
    • 1 campaign 5 ads
    • Monthly reports
    • Quarterly review
    • Pro Social Ads

    • $90/mo
    • $115 Setup + $200/mo budget
    • $200 monthly budget
    • 2 campaigns 10 ads
    • Monthly reports
    • Quarterly review
    • Landing page
    • Advanced Social Ads

    • $105/mo
    • $125 Setup + $300/mo budget
    • $300 monthly budget
    • 3 campaigns 15 ads
    • Monthly reports
    • Quarterly review
    • Landing page

Social Ads

Level One

Social Media Advertising works just like Google's Pay-Per-Click (PPC) platform. Using social media advertising tools we generate leads to your website or landing page targeting particular details and demographics for your dental specialty. Our entry level package begins with the minimum budget recommendations. This campaign is designed for dentists to include 1 ad campaign rotating between 5 different ads. Begin finding new patients today on Facebook and Instagram.


Pro-Social Ads

Level Two

PPC for your dental practice on Facebook and Instagram can boost new patient leads. Our next level package offers a larger budget to target more patients with a more extensive variety of keywords and ad campaigns. We create two ad campaigns on Facebook's platform which rotate 10 different ads. These ads show on optimal pages on Facebook feeds and Instagrams stories. Find more patients using dental specific social media ads today!


Advanced Social Ads

Level Three

Our top-level social media ad campaigns are designed for dentists to offer the most flexibility each month for various ad placement and keyword targeting. This budget level is the most effective when running PPC on Facebook and Instagram. Up to 3 campaigns may be created rotating between 15 ads. With this top-level social media ad campaign, we can target more potential patients, secure better ad placement and reduce ad cost.