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2 Unconventional Tips To Boost Your Dental Marketing

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Dentists get a bit of a bad reputation. People are more likely to avoid going to the dentist than they are to a doctor. This is because people tend to overlook their dental problems in hopes of them going away on their own.

To combat this issue, it is important to make people aware of all the dangers of delaying their dental appointments. However, that wouldn't be possible without the people visiting the dentist. An excellent way to deal with this issue is to market yourself to reduce dentists' fear and encourage people to continue their regular dental visits.

Following are a few ways you can strengthen your marketing as a dentist

  1. Personally Interact With The Community
    Sure, you can put out ads and post updates on social media. But nothing will come close to personally interacting with the people around you. By nature, dental practice is a local business. Hence, relying on your local community is a great strategy. Build healthy relationships with the people around you, attend local festivals, sponsor little league teams. Do things that are popular in your area. This will help you build a report with the people around you. You can then educate the people around you on dental health and encourage them to become more mindful of it.
  2. Appointment Reminders
    An important thing that to pay attention to is appointment reminders. People are more likely to come back for regular appointments when they are reminded in advance. It makes them feel accountable for the commitment they've made. You can ask your assistant to make a phone call or send a postcard in advance so that the patient remembers they need to show up. You can also use Google calendar alerts to help you streamline this process, or many dental PMS's have the built-in text and SMS reminders.

Following these two tips can help your dental practices immensely. People usually tend to depend on generic methods of marketing. Thus, adding a personal touch to your marketing will help your practice. Pro Dental Designs offer dental marketing services, dental websites, social media marketing, and much more. See why we are different.

Posted on Dec 29, 2020
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