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Design Services

For Dental Professionals

    • Logo Design

    • $599
    • 6-14 designs
    • 8 hours of design & edits
    • PDF, AI & EPS formats
    • Graphic Design Services

    • $75/hour
    • Select product
    • Custom creation
    • Review design
    • PDF, AI & EPS formats
    • Print ready


An important part of your dental practice is your identity and brand. A logo is the first symbol displaying who you are and what you offer. Having business cards, brochures, letterhead, letters, envelopes, and other print materials ensures your band and identity remain consistent. Dental print materials may also include welcome letters, transition letters, signs, banners and more.


A logo is your first mark of identity in the dental market. This element helps you stand out among the array of other competitive dental professionals in your area. Marketing materials need to be designed with a constant and consistent identity when an effective dental logo has been created. Pro Dental Designs has the expertise to help you create your perfect logo.


Following Effective Dental Logo Creation:

  • A dental logo must be simple. A simple logo can be easily recognized by your audience featuring unique elements without being over-drawn or congested with info and detail.
  • A dental logo should be memorable. As the logo identifies your practice's personality the elements need to be memorable to your clients.
  • The long haul. An effective logo should be used for the next 10+ years.
  • Logo versatility. An effective logo should be able to work across a variety of mediums and applications. Does the logo work well when it's converted to black and white? Can it be re-sized and still be understood?
  • A logo must be appropriate. Many dental professionals enjoy teeth and other symbolic icons for their logo. Dental icons are very appropriate for the dental industry. It is even appropriate to move away from dental icons and test creative boundaries. However, it is best to avoid using symbolic icons that represent other industries and design something appropriate for the dental industry