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Traits to Look for in a New Dental Assistant

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Dental assistants are in high demand, meaning that you can be more selective when hiring a dental assistant in your practice. There are a few personality traits that make the perfect dental assistant, all of which you should look out for when you are interviewing potential candidates.

Traits to Look for in a New Dental Assistant

  1. Can stay on-brand with your dental office – An effective dental assistant is able to identify treatments that may be right for your patients and suggests these specific procedures. These suggestions need to come at the right moment, or they may be considered pushy or overwhelming. A good dental assistant will be able to identify this moment. 
  2. Has a good work ethic – The daily chaos in your dental practice can be overwhelming to some job candidates. But in an office where there's always something that needs to be done, it's important that the dental assistant is willing to jump in and help after their duties have been completed. 
  3. Is eager to learn – An effective dental assistant wants to continue educational pursuits beyond the amount required. Going above and beyond to learn new techniques and technology shows motivation and a go-getter attitude! 
  4. Exceptional communication skills – Lastly, successful dental assistants do much much more than assist with procedures and take X-rays. Dental assistants who can establish a rapport with clients and calm nervous patients will go a long way toward developing loyalty to your practice.

Here at Pro Dental Designs, we know how much goes into running a practice, and it's crucial for you to hire employees with the same passion for your mission. For information about how you can successfully market your dental practice, please call our office today! 

Posted on Nov 23, 2020
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