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Dental Websites

That Are Responsive

Across All Platforms

Patients today use a variety of mediums to access healthcare information. Your dental website, online ads, SEO, and other marketing tactics need to extend to all kinds of mobile devices. All our dental sites are designed to respond to all types of screen sizes and devices. We also include WCAG 2.0 AA (ADA compliance). You can take confidence in knowing that your website is effectively reaching your patients.

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Dental Pay-Per-Click

To Reach New Patients

With Ads On Google, Facebook, etc.

New patients are online and searching for information throughout all mediums. Bring new patients in by tapping into trending Pay-Per-Click ad campaigns on Social Media (Facebook & Instagram), as well as Google and other search engines. If you're not marketing online with Pay-Per-Click, you may be missing out on hundreds of new patient leads. We deploy effective marketing strategies for dental & healthcare professionals.

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Dental Direct Mail

Deployed Effectively

To Areas Of high growth Potential

Direct Mail still thrives as a successful marketing medium for dentists. Skeptical of direct mail? You're not alone. Many dentists have tried and failed one or more campaigns. There are three key tactics to a successful campaign: timing, quantity, and consistency.  Our tactics and recommendations have the proven success your dental practice needs.

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Understanding The Basics

Of Dental Marketing

For Dental Professionals

There are essentially 5 primary forms of marketing for dentists: Online, Signage, Print, Community Involvement (Events), and Referrals. Five rules need to be followed to maximize results for new patient flow:

  1. Track your results
  2. You need 5-7 points of exposure for potential patients to take action.
  3. All forms of marketing are essential.
  4. A combination of 3-5 marketing mediums is best.
  5. The longer you persist, the more effective it becomes!

At Pro Dental Designs, we offer the marketing tools necessary to help your dental practice bring in new patients by providing an expert understanding of marketing in the dental industry and by creating custom campaigns that will help you grow your dental practice.