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Reaching More Patients

    • Pay-Per-Click

    • $165/mo
    • $250 Setup + $835/mo budget
    • $400 monthly budget
    • 2 Google split campaigns
    • Monthly reports
    • Quarterly review
    • Pro Pay-Per-Click

    • $229/mo
    • $400 Setup + $1260/mo budget
    • $1260 monthly budget
    • 3 Google split campaigns
    • Monthly reports
    • Quarterly review
    • Landing page
    • Advanced PPC

    • $299/mo
    • $550 Setup + $1685/mo budget
    • $1685 monthly budget (plus)
    • 4 Google split campaigns
    • Monthly reports
    • Quarterly review
    • 2 Landing pages


Level One

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) - also known as Search engine Marketing (SEM) is a way of using search engine advertising tools to generate leads to your website, request appointment pages, and contact form pages. Our entry level package begins with the minimum budget recommendations as lower budget campaigns do not perform as effectively. This campaign, designed for dentists, estimates to target several keywords with the primary focus on Google's Search Network. Begin finding new patients today.


Pro Pay-Per-Click

Level Two

PPC is the direct marketing tool to boost new patient leads. Our next level package offers a larger budget to target more patients with a more extensive variety of keywords and is sufficient to run ads all month. We create ads on Google's platform within the Search Network and Display Network.  The Search Network places ads on Google’s search results page, marked with a green label. Google's Display Network puts image-based or video ad campaigns on one of over 3 million websites who has partnered with Google Ad placement.


Advanced PPC

Level Three

Our top-level PPC package designed for dentists offers the most flexibility each month for various ad placement and keyword targeting. This budget level is the most effective when running PPC online. Multiple campaigns may be created within Google's Search Network or Display Network. With our top-level PPC campaign, we can target more potential patients, secure better ad placement and reduce ad cost. 

Our dental pay-per-click campaigns are implemented with the following tactics: