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Using Social Media For Dental Marketing

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All dental practices have attrition. During a dentist's career, up to 20% of a patient base may be lost each year to several factors, including moving, loss of life, more competition, or other.

One method to overcome attrition is by marketing your dental services online with social media advertising. By using the power of social media, you can effectively market your dental services to new potential patients. Here, we list some strategies that can help you target the right clients using social media.

  • Local Awareness Facebook Ads: Facebook is an excellent platform for online dental marketing. However, if your practice is in Kansas City and your ads are reaching  Colorado, your waste marketing dollars on potential patients who are not within your demographic.  It is vital with any marketing campaign to be specific about who you are marketing to and the areas you need to target. Local Awareness ads let you reach the local audience. The latest upgrades also allow you to share a map card that has locally relevant details about your dental business, such as the address, operation hours, Click-to-Call button, distance to the clinic, and a "Get Directions" link.
  • Facebook Demographic Targeting: There are numerous amounts of demographic data that can be utilized to create targeted ads on Facebook. For instance, research shows that women make 90% of all the healthcare buying decisions. This means that you can increase your chances of getting potential clients by creating specific ads that target women who live within your area. Of course, you can also use language, employment status, income, relationship status, interests, etc., to target potential customers.

Using these strategies will make your online dental marketing much more effective and help you find long-term clients.

Posted on Jan 11, 2021
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