Interview Questions To Avoid When Hiring New Dental Personnel

Dental Interview Questions

Hiring new staff member for your dental practice can be a difficult process. It’s important to ask plenty of questions to determine who would be the best fit for your office, but there are certain questions you’ll want to stay away from. Not just to be tactful, but from a legal standpoint as well.

Interview Questions To Avoid Asking

Below are a few examples of questions you’ll want to stay away from when conducting new hire interviews:

  • Age of the employee
  • Marital status
  • Whether or not they have children
  • Previous name (such as a maiden name)
  • Arrest record
  • Whether the employee is having wages garnished and why
  • Childcare arrangements
  • Gender or sexual preferences

Many of these questions seem like common sense, but you’d be surprised at how easily things can slip out. Even innocently discussing spouses or children during an employment interview can land you in some trouble. For example, if your applicant begins to volunteer information regarding the above topics, acknowledge their statements, but refrain from offering your own personal information or asking any follow-up questions.

By avoiding these questions, you have more time to focus on gaining relevant, job-related information from a prospective employee.

For more tips on new hires, or if you’re having trouble conducting interviews and finding new employees, please contact Pro Dental Designs. We’re happy to help you along the way.

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