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6 New Years Resolutions For Your Dental Practice

Dental professional in need of dental marketingIt can be easy to get wrapped up in the daily issues of your dental practice. We understand that your first priority should always be to take great care of your patients! But we also understand that if you let your dental marketing suffer, you’ll have fewer and fewer patients to care for.


The New Year is a great excuse to reassess the goals of your dental practice and find new ways to meet these goals. Below are a few resolutions we’d recommend adopting into your practice for the New Year:

  1. Unique Selling Proposition – A unique selling proposition (USP) is a simple phrase that clearly outlines why patients should choose your practice instead of the others in your area. Ask yourself what makes your office special and unique, or how your office can solve issues common in dental practices to become better. Keep it short and simple, with an emphasis on exclusivity.
  2. Target Your Ideal Patients – Consider your practice’s ideal patient. How old is he/she? Where does he/she live? What are common dental issues for him/her? It’s true that everyone eventually needs to see a dentist. But each specialty and even each individual office will have a target audience. Discovering this target audience can be a huge asset to creating the perfect marketing program.
  3. Use The Right Language – Don’t allow yourself to get too clinical when describing your services and procedures. Focusing too much on clinical language will make your prospective patients feel like you’re trying too hard to impress them. Be clear about the benefits of your office and use language on your consumer’s level.
  4. Don’t Make Promises You Can’t Keep – Avoid exaggerating your services. Don’t promise things you can’t guarantee such as “a pain-free experience.” Hyping your office up may help you bring in new patients, but once they realize that hype is all it is, you’ll have a hard time retaining them.
  5. Call To Action – A call to action is the part where you tell your prospective patient what to do next. A simple call to action would be “call today for an appointment!” A better call to action, which can also include a special offer, would be “call today for a free dental cleaning and exam!”
  6. Track Your Results – This is something that sounds obvious, but we find that very few dental practices actually track their marketing results. The easiest way to do this is to ask your receptionist to ask new clients how they learned about your office. You could also include this question on new patient paperwork. Once you’ve discovered what’s working and what isn’t, you can begin to fine-tune your marketing efforts. This will help you to avoid wasting money on things that aren’t working for your practice.

We want 2017 to be a successful and productive year for your dental practice! For help implementing or tracking a new dental marketing strategy, please contact Pro Dental Designs today.

Posted on Jan 9, 2017
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