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Cutting Accounting Costs For Your Dental Practice

Dental accounting professionalsDentists have very busy schedules! Between trying to be there for each and every one of your patients, dealing with staff issues, and trying to run your business, you need every spare minute you can get. There are certain accountants and other specialists who will use the fact that you’re so busy to try and overcharge you, thinking you won’t notice.


For most dentists, having an accountant is essential. Below are a few ways to benefit from your accounting services and still save money:

  • Go Paperless – Many accountants will tack on extra fees to scan physical documentation onto the computer. Going paperless will help you to cut out these fees and to stay more organized (because keeping documents on your computer will cut down on desk clutter).
  • Avoid Add-Ons – Accountants will often offer extra services, but you’ll pay quite a bit for them. Oftentimes, these services can be outsourced for much cheaper. If you use your accountant for nothing more than financial statements and taxes, you can cut out a lot of extra fees.
  • Payroll Services – You might think that you’re saving money in the long run by using your accountant to do payroll, or by using a package deal. Payroll services can be done at a lesser price through many payroll specialists.
  • Hire a Bookkeeper – Even the most laid-back and organized dentist in the world would still have a difficult time juggling all of the responsibilities of running a dental practice alone. We absolutely recommend having a bookkeeper that you can trust and who reasonably prices their services.

For information on dental bookkeeping click here. If you want more information on how to successfully run your dental practice, or for dental marketing tips, please check out the rest of our blog. To speak to someone about your dental marketing needs, please contact Pro Dental Designs today!

Posted on Feb 13, 2017
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