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Holiday Marketing for Your Dental Practice

Woman smiling with santa hatThe holiday season is here, which means that some dental offices will start to slow down. Luckily, there are a few ways to use the holidays to your advantage and bring more patients to your office. Holiday marketing is a great way to fill the next slow weeks and boost patient loyalty in the process!

Holiday Marketing for Your Dental Practice

Below are a few fun ways to marketing your dental office during the holiday season:

  • Create a plan – Create a schedule, making note of all the upcoming holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukah, New Year’s, etc.) and which procedure you can promote during these times. Consult with your staff on these types of decisions as they can be an invaluable resource.
  • Be festive – Finding fun and interesting ways to incorporate the holidays into your marketing plan is the fun part! This can include a guide on which holiday treats are the worst for your teeth or how to maintain oral hygiene during a holiday vacation.
  • Make it relevant – While creativity is encouraged, it’s possible to get carried away. Make sure that your content is still relevant to your dental practice and to oral health and hygiene habits.
  • Use social media – Lastly, utilize social media. While staying active on social media is helpful all year round, it can be especially helpful during the holidays. Feature a Christmas Countdown post with a new dental hygiene tip for each day. You can also interact with your patients, conducting polls or asking about New Year’s resolutions.

Following these simple steps can be a quick and easy way to draw in more patients around the holiday season. For more great tips on how to properly market your dental practice, please contact Pro Dental Designs today. We’ve helped many dentists become more confident and profitable!

Posted on Nov 27, 2019
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