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How to Increase Case Acceptance at Your Dental Practice

Female patient, pink shirtCase acceptance is an important part of making sure your dental practice is successful. It can be difficult to increase case acceptance, but the investment will pay off in the end. Dental practices who have learned the art of increasing case acceptance have found a few ways to help you do the same at your own dental office. 

How to Increase Case Acceptance 

The tips below are not one-size-fits-all and you should be sure to adapt them to fit your own dental practice. 

  • Customer Service – An important part of proper case presentation and acceptance is providing quality customer service to all of your dental patients. The better the patient’s experience, the more likely it is that he or she will return for the recommended treatment. 
  • Proper Diagnosis – Every new patient should receive a thorough dental exam. This should include an examination, dental X-rays, and oral cancer screening, and periodontal treatment. This allows you to get a baseline for your patient’s dental health, meaning you can have all the information needed to make a proper diagnosis. 
  • Outline the Benefits – Your dental patients want to know what the recommended treatment will do for them and how it will improve their oral health. Discuss the benefits of treatment on your patients’ level and outline the consequences of refusing or postponing treatment. 
  • Give the Patient Your Attention – Lastly, dental practices can be loud, chaotic, and buzzing with energy. You and your staff may be used to it, but patients can become overwhelmed and anxious. Make sure you’re able to present your patient with his or her diagnosis in a calm consultation area. This will allow your patient to express concerns and ask questions without feeling anxious. 

Any dental office is capable of learning how to increase case acceptance by mastering the art of case presentation. It will take commitment and practice, but it can be a huge benefit to your dental practice. 

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Posted on Aug 26, 2019
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