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Presenting Treatment Options to Dental Patients

Presenting treatment options to dental patientsAs a dentist, it’s important that you’re aware of how treatment options are being presented to your patients. You should also be kept informed of how many of your patients are scheduling appointments for the procedures that you’ve recommended. Your patients may be postponing treatment because your staff has not properly been trained on how to present treatment options. In most dental offices, treatment presentation happens like this:

  • Your patient comes in for a checkup and you perform a comprehensive exam
  • Your hygienist lets the front desk know about the necessary treatment before the patient is brought to the desk
  • The front desk staff writes up an estimate
  • The front desk staff tells the patient about the required treatment and how much he or she owes out of pocket; the patient will either schedule an appointment or not

The Problem with This Method

The reason why the above problem is ineffective is that the front office staff isn’t usually able to answer any treatment questions that your patient may have. It’s important that you be in the room while treatment is being presented and that the patient is aware of the problem and why the treatment is necessary. Be available for any questions or concerns raised by your patient and answer them thoroughly.

Proper Treatment Presentation

Before presenting treatment, make sure estimates are written up and photos of the patient’s teeth are available. This allows you to show the patient the problem and why it needs to be fixed. Discuss these issues with your patient in private. Lastly, let your patient know of any financing options or payment plans you may offer so that the cost of treatment doesn’t discourage them from scheduling a treatment appointment.

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Posted on Jan 28, 2019
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