Dental Practice Issues That Should Not Be Overlooked

Dentist in his operatoryHere at Pro Dental Designs, we’ve worked with hundreds of dental offices in order to help them improve the success of their practices. Throughout our experience, we have seen a few commonly overlooked issues in dental practices. These issues can make or break you as a dentist, so it’s important that you address them now!

Commonly Overlooked Dental Office Problems

  • Meetings – Holding regular staff meetings allows your employees to voice any concerns or ask any questions they may have. These meetings are also a great time to brush up on training in any area you feel your team needs improvement on.
  • Time – Dental offices that have a reputation for making patients wait past their appointment time will see their numbers drop quickly if they don’t make a change. We suggest that you time yourself performing the regular procedures you do in your office. Average these times and allow enough room in the schedule when making appointments. For example, if your first appointment of the day is scheduled for 30 minutes, but it takes you closer to 45 minutes to perform the procedure, your entire day will be thrown off and you’ll have lots of frustrated, unhappy patients waiting in the waiting room. Show your patients you value them and their time by seeing them on time.
  • Trust – The members of your team are likely going to be more in-tune to the comings and goings of your office. Especially the front office staff. If they make a suggestion or bring concerns to your door, it’s important to show them that you trust them. In return, they’ll take care of the practice and let you know of any issues you should be aware of.
  • Leadership – The best way for you to motivate your dental staff is by praising them and recognizing them for a job well done. Only discussing your staff’s shortcomings will make them feel defeated and frustrated. Showing them the things they’re great at will motivate them to do even better!
  • Numbers – Lastly, it’s important that you stay aware of your numbers to make sure any necessary adjustments are made. You should know exactly how much money comes into the practice each month and exactly how much money leaves the practice each month.

At Pro Dental Designs, we know how many of the small details you have to deal with each day. Please let us help you lighten your load and improve the success of your dental practice at the same time! We’re able to assist dental practices all over the country.

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