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9 Benefits of a Blog Page on Your Dental Website

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There are many reasons why having a blog on your dental website is a good idea. Blogs help keep your dental patients engaged, are essential to your digital footprint, and help to drive new patients to your dental website.

Benefits of a Dental Blog Page

Below are a few reasons to consider creating a blog page on your dental practice website or having a marketing company (like ours) provide one for you:

  1. Rank higher with an online search – If your blog posts are answering questions or providing helpful information, it will rank your website higher on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. When a blog is attached to your website, and as you add more content to your site, more pages from your domain become indexed. This provides more relevant and updated material for organic search visibility and increases website traffic. Content is still king online, and a blog can provide a continual source of fresh content, new keywords, and much more.
  2. Long-tail keywords – Although the term "dentist" may be the highest searched term for finding a new dental practice; there are many keyword combinations and phrases people look for in a search when it comes to healthcare and dentistry. Blogs can continue to increase your visibility online with phrases like, "how to clean my child's teeth" or "why do I have jaw pain". Long-tail keywords or phases can provide a flow of new patients who were looking for more specific information and/or services. This is very difficult to do without new and relevant page content.
  3. Building authority – As a dentist, people and potential patients want to believe your as good as you say you are. Having ongoing new content and relevance in your industry supports your authority as a dentist.  Providing regular (we suggest a minimum of twice a month), original, relevant content, will allow you to prove your expertise. This stretches your relevance to anyone within your footprint and beyond.
  4. Display your personality - The blog topics you choose for your dental practice or ones selected for you can inadvertently display characteristics of your personality. It's essential to have fun and share several well-rounded topics. It doesn't always need to be serious dental centered topics. Therefore, It is good to have some good dental topics to share to support your authority, and from time to time, topics that are fun and educational at the same time. After all, we are human, and we are only trying to connect to other humans. Blog topics that resonate with audiences can increase new patient leads.
  5. Develop a good reputation in your community – Over time, people will begin to trust you and know that you’re a professional who knows your stuff! This will help you stand out among your other competitors. A blog can connect to many different people and at different times, even before they come to your office. Potential patients may already feel they know you before they meet you. 
  6. Connecting to the world - Ok, so as a dentist, you only need to connect to people in your imidate footprint.  However, as you grow and develop a blog, it may capture the attention of other healthcare specialists who wish to share your insights. With inbound and outbound links your online SEO increases and your reputation can reach much further and begin to broaden your brand and identity. This is never bad and can dramatically increase new patient conversions.
  7. Networking -  Having an ongoing, updated blog on your website is great but can be taken a step further by posting your blog content to your social media outlets. This provides even more search traffic and reputation to your growing brand. You'll have more traffic and interest in your blog since social media is apart of daily life for many.
  8. More leads -  According to Hubspot, businesses with over 401 pages of content, (this includes your blog pages), receive six times more leads than those with less than 100 pages of content. It's simple; blogging adds more relevant and new page content in which Google likes and looks for - increasing your visibility and reach to potential new patients - more leads.
  9. Drive long term success – Lastly, you’ll notice that, as the clicks to your page begin to add up, you’ll be ranked higher and higher on search engines. This will result in more visits to your site, which will result in higher rankings, and the cycle continues to build. Blogs, including relevant and interesting content, will bring in more traffic to your site, which will eventually result in new-patient appointments.

Here at Pro Dental Designs, we know how important your dental blog can be to your overall online presence and ultimately your success. For more information on how we can help you improve your current marketing strategies or for information on dental websites, online presence, or to create a new website for your practice, please contact our dental marketing company today.

Posted on Feb 27, 2019
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