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Checklist for Your Dental Practice Post COVID-19 Opening

An image of the front desk area in an office

The world has gone dark for a few weeks - even months for many industries, but most dental practices have now reopened and are seeing patients in their office. Now that your office is open let’s evaluate how the first few weeks have gone!

Below are a few things to consider after having been open for a few weeks:

  1. Evaluate cash flow from the first few weeks, including net productions, collections, and PPP.
  2. Consider your general numbers to see how the first week or two are stacking up. These numbers need to include cash flow, compliments and complaints, and case acceptance vs. resistance. 
  3. Continue to stock up on disposable products, which will always be necessary at your dental practice. Your supply can be reduced later if necessary. 
  4. Update your employee manuals reflecting the new pandemic guidelines. These rules should be in writing and posted in the office. We suggest having each employee sign a copy of the guidelines for you to keep in your records. 
  5. Since the future is so unsure right now, it’s a good idea to have cash on hand. Ask for reduced-interest or interest-only and make only the minimum payments. 
  6. Continue to stay connected with patients via your text and email system. Let them know that you’re open and seeing patients and what changes are being implemented in your practice. Encourage scheduling a post-quarantine dental exam! 

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Posted on Sep 14, 2020
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