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Explaining To Your Patients Why They Need Follow-Up Treatment

Dental patent in chair A common problem in many dental offices is getting patients to schedule for follow-up treatment. The main cause of this problem lies in the language you use to explain to your patient his or her dental problem. Many dentists will use the clinical terminology to explain a dental issue and the treatment necessary to fix it. However, your patients will rarely understand this language and terminology.

Make Sure Your Patient Understands Treatment

It’s important for you and your staff to remember that your patients did not attend dental school. Fancy terminology will give your patients the general idea that something may be wrong and they need a crown as a result. However, the treatment sounds expensive and your patient may not be in pain quite yet, so they’ll probably avoid scheduling for treatment.

Instead of giving your patients clinical terms that will likely go over their heads, let your patient know that the crown is needed to fix a cavity. Let them know that, if they avoid treatment, the problem will get worse and may lead to tooth decay or infection, causing unnecessary pain and even more costly treatment. This way they will not only understand the problem, but they’ll also understand the treatment and why it’s needed. Watch as the treatment appointments begin to increase!

Communication with patients is vitally important in medical professions. Be sure to explain the problem in simple terms, make eye contact, and be available to answer questions or address any concerns that your patient may have regarding treatment.

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Posted on Nov 28, 2016
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