How Important Is Your Dental Office Waiting Room?

Dental Front OfficeThe answer is very! As your office grows and becomes more profitable, you may want to consider revamping your dental office waiting room. It’s surprising how many dentists underestimate the importance of their waiting rooms. This part of your office is like a first impression to your new patients!

Keep in mind that your patients have busy schedules and are likely nervous or apprehensive about a trip to the dentist. Let your patients know that you care about them and their comfort by making your waiting room as welcome as possible.

Revitalize Your Waiting Room

Below are a few simple and cost-effective ways of improving your waiting room and making your patients feel more at ease:

  • Music – Playing mellow, relaxing music can help ease your patient’s nerves. The added benefit of music in a dental office is that it can hide the sound of your drill, which can make some patients feel uncomfortable. When choosing music to play in the waiting room, be mindful of your patient base. When in doubt, go with adult contemporary stations.
  • Reading Material – If you choose to have reading material available at your dental office, it’s a good idea to keep them updated and in good shape. Patients will be frustrated by outdated or tattered magazines or newspapers.
  • Décor – When choosing décor for your dental office, make sure to keep it simple and relaxing. We suggest a few framed pieces of art or prints in calm colors, such as light blues. Live plants in the office can make the room feel more inviting. Just make sure to care for the plants every day!
  • Kid’s Amenities – We recommend having an area for kids, especially if your office caters specifically to children. Some ideas for a kid’s area include dental-themed coloring pages, books, toys, or a television on which to play cartoons or movies. It’s important to make sure that none of the toys are small enough to pose a choking hazard and that you’re sanitizing the toys regularly.
  • Extras – A few extras to show your patients that you care about their comfort would include WiFi, a coat rack, tissues, or a hand sanitizing station.

It’s important to make sure to think of things from your patient’s point of view. For help making your office more inviting, or for other ways to successfully market your dental business, please don’t hesitate to contact Pro Dental Designs today.

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