How Pay Per Click Can Help My Dental Practice

Man holding a phone with graphMany dentists are wary of trying Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising to increase new patient flow or to advertise a specific procedure offered at their dental practice. Almost all of the reasons why dentists are hesitant to implement PPC have to do with the way it’s been implemented in the past. Many PPC campaigns are set and then forgotten about. A good PPC campaign needs regular testing and attention in order to be successful.

Successful PPC Campaigns

If done correctly, a PPC campaign can yield very successful results. However, it’s important to know a little bit about Pay-Per-Click advertising before jumping in with both feet. Below are just a few of the important things you should know about PPC campaigning.

Your PPC campaign will have no bearing on your current SEO (search engine optimization) efforts. A paid search campaign will not affect your current organic clicks. This means that your website traffic will double! Additionally, geo-targeting allows you to choose where your ads are viewed. This means that if you’re located in a major city but would also like to target those living in the surrounding areas, PPC can make sure your ads are viewed in these areas as well. 

Another important part of your Pay-Per-Click campaign should be the keywords you choose. These keywords are important, especially to specialists. You should know what your patients may entire into a search engine and choose keywords based on this research. We recommend consulting with a PPC specialist who can help you find and choose keywords as well as how much to bid for each keyword. Otherwise, you may end up paying money for clicks that might not result in appointments being made at your office.

A great way to make sure your PPC campaign is successful is to regularly test it. When running a PPC campaign, you’re able to gather data and review which is working best and resulting in the most conversions. Click-Through-Rates will let you see which of your ads are working the best and bringing the most patients to your office.

If you’re considering a Pay-Per-Click campaign and would like more information on how to properly implement it, please contact Pro Dental Designs today. We are PPC specialists and look forward to helping you create a successful campaign for your dental practice.

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