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Implementing a Dental Referral Program for Patients

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All of your new patients should receive a warm welcome to your office, but one type of patient is even more important to keep happy: patients referred to you by another patient who trusts and has recommended you. If your patients are referring your office to their friends, you should be showing your appreciation!

Dental Referral Programs

Below are a few dental patient referral program ideas to show your appreciation for referrals and recommendations:

  • Be aware of the rules – Section 4 of the American Dental Association (ADA) Principle of Ethics and Code of Professional Conduct, Principle of Justice states that, “The dentist’s primary obligations include dealing with people justly and delivering dental care without prejudice.” That said, offering rewards as a thank-you for a referral is within the boundaries of proper ethics. Reach out to the ADA for more clarification on the rules in your area! 
  • Thank-you notes – Sending a good old fashioned thank-you card adds a personal touch. However, if you’re too busy to be able to sit down and pen a letter, sending a quick email works too! As long as you’re expressing your thanks.
  • Tangible rewards – Lastly, referrals that lead to scheduled appointments should be rewarded with something real. A gift card to a local store, discounts on specific procedures in your dental office, or monthly drawings for larger prizes!

On average, around 80% of your referrals come from only 20% of your office, including patients, friends, and staff. Start with your rock-solid, super-supportive 20%, and work your way out from there!

Here at Pro Dental Designs, we know that marketing your office isn’t just about numbers and figures, it’s also about taking care of your patients and offering your quality dental services to the people in your area. For more tips on how to market your dental office, please reach out to Pro Dental Designs today.

Posted on Jul 27, 2020
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