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The Things You Should be Tracking for Your Dental Practice on a Regular Basis

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At Pro Dental Designs, we know how crucial it is to track specific numbers and information for your dental practice. If you’re not already monitoring the following figures, we recommend starting today. See how your dental practice can benefit from tracking!

What & Why to Track for Your Dental Practice

Below are a few things to keep track of for your dental practice:

  • New Patients – It’s always important that your new patients are on your radar. Know how many new patients are coming to your practice, as well as how many of them have already scheduled follow-up treatment. New patients are vital to your dental practice’s success. Once you know how many new patients are being seen, you can set a goal to reach a certain number every year or even every month. 
  • Conversion Ratio – Your practice’s conversion ratio is the number of your dental patients with case acceptance. If only around half of your new patients have scheduled a return visit at your office, your conversion ratio is not great. This means you need to work with your staff on how cases are being presented to patients. An ideal conversion ratio should be around 80%. 
  • Percentage of Patients Keeping Cleaning Appointments – Focusing on how many of your patients are keeping their regular dental checkup appointments will help you determine if your patient communication skills are as excellent as they can be. Make sure that you schedule a patient’s appointment before they leave the office.
  • Referral Ratio – Dental care is no different than any other service or product in that it relies a lot on references and word of mouth. Know your referral ratio and set a goal for your dental practice to increase it this year. You may not be getting as many referrals as you think, and if this is the case, it may be time to put a referral rewards program in place.

These are just a few of the many areas of your dental practice that you should be keeping track of regularly. While other areas should certainly be assessed from time-to-time, the above are the most important. Here at Pro Dental Designs, we want to help you market your dental practice as successful as possible! To learn more, please contact Pro Dental Designs today.

Posted on Jul 13, 2020
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