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Time Management Techniques For Your Dental Office

Time management tips for dentistsTime management can be a tough concept to master, especially in a busy dental office. You may start out the day with a plan of attack or even a detailed schedule! But it’s easy to watch that schedule fall by the wayside as emergencies pop up or when you get interrupted by other things. If you go to bed at night frustrated with yourself for not getting enough accomplished, then perhaps it’s time you implemented some time management techniques in your office!


There are three main points when trying to manage your time better. These are:

  • Schedule
  • Commitment
  • Follow-Through

Schedule – When you make your schedule for the day (or even for the hour, if you need to start small), you are blocking this part of the day for a specific task. Be clear with yourself about the outcome you’d like to have at the end of the scheduled amount of time so that you can design a plan to support it. We suggest making a list, with the most important items at the top, so they’ll be completed on time. Anything else you can accomplish will be gravy!

Commitment – This is where it gets difficult. As you’re working through your list, your mind may begin to wander or you might remember other things you need to do. Stick with the plan, though, and you’ll be amazed at how the stress melts away.

Follow-Through – When you stick with your plan and prove to yourself that you can manage your time and follow through with what you say you will, your practice will run more smoothly. By setting a good example for your staff, odds are that their time management skills will improve as well!

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Posted on Sep 12, 2016
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