Tips on How to Retain Your Current Dental Staff

Dental staff working with patientIt would be great for every dental practice to have the ability to hire an amazing staff and to keep them all until the day you retire! This is probably not realistic, but there are certain things you can do to improve the retention rate of your dental employees for many more years to come.

There’s no shortage of programs, seminars, and books aimed at helping you to train and retain your dental staff, but there are a few basics for to know.

Simple Ways to Retain Dental Staff

Below are a few of the simplest ways for you to show your staff how much they’re appreciated and improve the retention rates at your practice:

  • Have a Hierarchy in Place – Hiring the right dental office manager may be the most important hire in your office. Once you have a responsible and well-trained manager, he or she can take on the responsibilities of hiring, training, and making sure patients are happy. The right manager will also be able to handle any employee problems and make sure your staff feels heard and understood.
  • Make Your Expectations Clear – If your employees haven’t been properly trained, or if they don’t have a clear understanding of their expectations, you may run into problems. These problems can include misunderstandings, conflicts between employees, and general chaos in your office. Avoid these issues by making sure that each position in your practice has detailed goals and expectations. This will make your staff accountable for their own responsibilities and things will run smoothly. The members of your team will appreciate the lack of guesswork and misunderstandings.
  • Show Your Appreciation – Lastly, and most importantly, show your appreciation. It’s been shown that positive reinforcement can be even more motivating for your staff than a pay raise. If your team feels that they are underappreciated, you may notice a lack of motivation among your employees. Instead, make sure each member of your team knows the areas in which he or she are excelling!

Here at Pro Dental Designs, we know that your job as a business owner and a dentist can be overwhelming and stressful. We believe in helping you to lighten your load by putting together a personalized marketing plan for your practice and improving your patient base. Please contact our office for more information on how we can help you improve the success of your dental practice today!

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