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Using The Right Colors In your Dental Marketing

Colors for your dental marketingAs a dental practice, your brand is an essential part of your marketing strategy. A brand is conveyed through elements like your office décor, dental logo, website, and staff. An often-overlooked, but equally important aspect is color.

There was a study conducted in Korea, which tracked the subjects’ heart rates during color stimulation. It found that warm colors like oranges, yellows and reds increased the heart rate and cooler colors, such as blues, greens, and purples, slowed the heart rate.

You may be asking yourself what these findings have to do with marketing your dental practice. It all comes down to the way you want your patients to feel in your office. Dentists usually want their patients to feel calm and relaxed in the office, which means the décor should use cooler color palates. But when putting together marketing materials such as postcards, you’ll want to include a color that will catch the eye, such as reds or yellows.


  • Red – Red is the most attention-grabbing color. Don’t overdo it, but just the right amount of red will prove to be the spark that can catch the eye of a potential patient.
  • Blue – Blue has been shown to instill a sense of trust, which is essential in the dental industry. Consider using blue in your logo, website or any marketing materials you send out.
  • Green – Green hues work well in the décor of your office, as they will make your patients feel calm and relaxed.
  • Purple –Purples are great if you’re trying to add a more feminine touch to greens and reds. Purples are also good at complimenting shades of blue.

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Posted on Jun 13, 2016
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