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How To Create The Perfect Dental Logo

Dental logo designBefore beginning the logo-creation process, you should first understand what makes a logo design effective and the things you need to consider before starting the process. Below are a few tips to consider before you create a logo for your dental office.


When creating a dental logo, the aim is to make it recognizable. The main function of a logo is to be identifiable to patients. The design process is to make a logo inspire trust, loyalty, and superiority in your field. The colors, shapes, and fonts used in your logo should be different from other dental logos, making yours stand apart from the rest.


There are 5 main principles to creating the perfect logo for your dental practice. These principles require that your logo be:

  • Simple – Simplicity means that your logo will be memorable, versatile and easy to recognize. Be sure that your logo features something unique, without being overdone.
  • Memorable – This goes hand-in-hand with simplicity. An effective logo will be memorable to a consumer, and this is achieved by keeping it simple.
  • Timeless – Will your logo still be effective in 10 years? How about 20? 50? These are questions to ask yourself during the logo design process.
  • Versatile – Your logo will need to be versatile, meaning that it can work for a variety of media and applications. Make sure your logo is designed in a vector format, allowing it to scale to any certain size you may need.
  • Appropriate – Make sure that your logo is appropriate for the audience you’re trying to reach. For example, a child-like color scheme and font would be appropriate for a pediatric dentist, but not for a periodontist.

Spending TOo Much Time On the PERFECT Dental Logo Design

Although dental logo design is a very important part of your identity and dental practice, many dental professionals get caught up in designing the absolute perfect logo. Spending excessive time to design the perfect logo may delay other import aspects of your dental marketing campaign. Realistically, this process should take no more than a month to complete. If you are uncertain about your logo design, inquire your staff and others for their opinion on the various options that are presented to you. This may help you come to a conclusion about your choice for a dental logo.

Here at Pro Dental Designs, we know that logo design is crucial to your practice’s success. For more tips on how to create an effective dental logo, or to speak with one of our skilled dental consultants, please contact Pro Dental Designs today!

Posted on Jun 6, 2016
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