Choose from 3 of our Website Packages

Business Website

Our Business Website has everything you need to display your premium dental business online. We custom design and code your website, provide content, and provide stock images.

Advanced Website

Our Advanced Website includes everything within our Business Website Package with one exception, this website package includes professional photography of your busienss and staff.

Website Alteration

Our Website Alteration Package is a face-lift of your current website. Your current design and content remain somewhat intact, but we update the code and incorporate responsive design.

Custom Dental Website Development

Not all websites are created equal. Coding methods and Content Management Systems are numerous. New technologies are always introduced, and systems that read and understand web code are always advancing. What sets us apart from our competition is our determination for clean, up-to-date code with an effective user interface, and SEO ( Search Engine Optimization) friendly systems.

Effective Dental Websites

An effective dental website is more than the most fancy coding methods. It's more than movement and design. An effective dental website will consider all of the following:

  • Easy and consistent navigation
  • Include Call's-To-Action above the fold
  • 3 Focus-Areas above the fold
  • Include Hot-Buttons
  • Content Marketing
  • Integrated Blog
  • Appealing design
  • Brand & Identity
  • Mobile & Tablet friendly

Many great website developers offer some appealing products. However, as wonderful a website might appear, if any of the marketing elements mentioned above are missing your website will be less effective than it could be. Pro Dental Designs specialized in website development, content marketing and effective website design to bring you the most effective dental website you can find.

Custom Website Development

Pro Dental Designs offers only custom website development. We have found over the years that 'template' based or 'Do-It-Yourself' websites are extremely less effective. These platforms often lack important SEO feature to increase your online presence. In some cases 'template' websites are not even indexed with Google - meaning no one will find you online through standard searching methods. Do not get sucked into cheap, lengthy contract, non-transferable, template based websites. In the end, you'll spend more and have a less effective website.

Our Website Packages Compared


Business Website

Advanced Website

Website Alteration

Custom Design
Responsive (mobile & tablet friendly)
Online CMS (website editor)
Advanced Technology
Domain Management
Integrated Blog
SEO Ready
Back End User Access
HTML & 3rd Party Additions
2 Hour CMS Consult Time
Hosting 1 year included
25 Page of Content Provided
Professional Photography
New Domain Registration for 1 Year

Our Blog

Read more from our blog. We offer updates and information on the latest within the dental industry.

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