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7 Steps To Help You Design The Perfect Dental Postcard

Dental direct marekting, direct mail, postcard mailerPostcards have long been a staple in the field of dental marketing. This is because they are effective! Here at Pro Dental Designs, we understand that with your busy schedule, dental postcard design and implementation is not something you have time to master. Luckily our skilled dental marketing professionals are here to help!

Building The Perfect Dental Postcard

  • Clear & Engaging Headline – It’s important that your headline is clear and simple. Don’t try to be artsy or clever, just clearly state the benefit of your dental office. For example, a good headline would be “Affordable, quality dental care – on your schedule.” This headline immediately shows the reader that your prices are competitive and your appointment times are flexible.
  • Use The Right Color Scheme – As we mentioned in a previous blog post colors are an important part of successful marketing. Different color schemes will communicate different things. For example, bright colors will immediately grab the attention of your prospective patients, but depending on your specialty, you may want to consider more muted colors.
  • Interesting Subheadings – In order to keep the interest of your prospective patients, you’ll also want to include intriguing subheadings in order to keep them reading. Use the same rules we included in headline writing.
  • Communicate The Benefits Of Your Office – In this area, you’re going to want to highlight the benefits of your practice as opposed to listing the features in your office. For example, a benefit would be “Whitening and brightening teeth for 10 years!” With this statement, the patient knows exactly what you do. An example of a feature would be “We Use The New WhiteMax 3000 System!” This will likely not mean much to the patient.
  • Make An Enticing Offer – Including an offer will be the best way to get a prospective patient to pick up the phone and call your office. Consumers are motivated more by perceived value than anything else. A few enticing offers could include:
    • Complimentary exam for new patients
    • $50 off whitening for new patients
    • Free consultation and X-Rays
    • Free cleaning & exam for children
    • A free electric toothbrush with new patient exam, cleaning, and X-Rays
    • $100 off any restorative procedure (including crowns, fillings, etc.)

Dental marketing mailers are amazingly effective when executed correctly. Many dental professionals indicated poor experiences with postcard mailers. However, in 99% of all cases, the mailer was not executed using proper marketing tactics. We continue to see great results with correct mailer campaigns.

Posted on Apr 10, 2017
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