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Common Social Media Myths For Dentists

Social Media Marketing for dentistsMany people have misconceptions regarding social media marketing, and mistakenly buying into these myths can hurt your dental practice! Read through the list we’ve made below and ensure you’re well informed about the ways that social media can enhance your success!

  • “People will block you if you post more than once a week”
    This is a myth, although this does depend on quite a bit on what you’re posting and how often you post. If you’re sounding a bit like a broken record, re-posting the same information over and over, you may have people un-following you. It’s important to make sure your posts are meaningful and interesting and that you’re engaging your audience and including them in the conversation. We recommend posting to Facebook up to 4 times a week - no more. Instagram welcomes more frequent posts - but these should also be more personal.
  • “My patients don’t use social media”
    Myth! A big misconception is that only young people are on Facebook. This used to be true, but the numbers have shifted in the last year or so. Newer data suggests that young adults 24 and under have moved to Instagram and Twitter, while Facebook is being dominated by older adults. This suggests that there’s a pretty good chance that Facebook is exactly your audience and you should be taking advantage of that!
  • “Social media is too time-consuming”
    If it isn’t already part of your daily routine, social media can seem overwhelming, but it turns out the learning curve for social media is pretty easy. Make sure that a part of your hiring decision for your office staff should include social media savviness. Think hard about who in your dental office can be the voice of your practice and delegate the posting to someone who already knows a thing or two about it! Pro Dental Designs can also aid you in your efforts by providing rich, original content. Check out our Social Media Management for Dentists!

If you have more questions about Facebook, Instagram, dental social media, or with help managing your online dental presence, please contact Pro Dental Designs today! We specialize in dental marketing, dental websites, and much more.

Posted on Oct 23, 2015
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