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Tips For Dentists on Managing Your Reputation

Reputaiton management for dentistsWhether you like it or whether you even know about it, your practice is online and being reviewed! For good, bad or ugly, potential patients are online and reading about dental practices before they even call or visit. This means you need to be online, and aware of how to manage the reviews coming your way!

Below is a list of ways you can be proactive and on top of your reputation management:

  • Be aware – It’ll be tough to fix problems you aren’t aware of! Stay on top of your social media accounts and set up a Google Alert to alert you when your practice name comes up online.
  • Take 10 – Bad reviews can be hard to swallow. It’s important to keep your cool, as lashing out can make things so much worse. Process your anger and shock and then react in a controlled way.
  • Have a plan – You need to delegate the responsibility of responding to these reviews quickly and decisively. Make a plan for worst case scenarios and make sure you have your bases covered.
  • Act fast – This is the most important part. The way you react to online reviews makes all the difference. Once you’ve composed yourself, follow the outline below to ensure you’re reaction is as responsible as it can be.
  • Read and dissect – List each point of contention and note whether or not it’s valid. Be honest about the possibility that you or your team dropped the ball.
  • Keep it real – Don’t issue a non-apology. The correct response will include two key components: a sincere apology and a solution to the problem.
  • See bad reviews as opportunities – Bad reviews are never fun. But don’t delete them and don’t ignore them. They can be used as opportunities to change the mind of the poster and anyone who may be reading the review.
  • Follow through – Give them a solution and follow through with it. Give the reviewing the number or email address of someone who can address the issue and fix it. This is an opportunity to regain some of the credibility you may have lost.

For more tips on how to manage your reputation, or with help on finding reviews and learning how to respond to them, please contact Pro Dental Designs today! Our reputation management specialists have the understanding and knowledge to help you clean up your reputation or manage your current reputation. We are a dental marketing company dedicated to the success of your dental practice. 

Posted on Oct 9, 2015
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