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Could You Be Inadvertently Turning Away New Dental Patients?

New dental patientsMost dental practices would say that new patients are never being turned away, especially when it’s difficult to attract them. However, your staff could be accidentally turning potential patients away during the very first phone call because of issues that are actually not issues at all.

The first area that you need to look at is how initial questions are being answered. The first thing a patient will ask during their initial phone call to your office is probably cost and insurance related. However, if they are in pain or in need of a dental procedure, this is probably the actual reason for the call. Instead of just answering their question and ending the call, train your staff to say something like “Of course I’ll gladly answer your insurance questions. However, I’d also love to know what motivated your call today. What concerns do you have about your teeth?” This can help your practice to more immediately bond with the patient and offer them more advice.

Second, find out how the patient learned about your practice. If a current patient referred them, there’s a chance to say something positive about the practice, such as “Oh we love to see Bob, I am so glad he referred you. He may also have told you that Dr. Z is really gentle during procedures.” This approach can also be used even if your potential patient has found you on their PPO list. “We have lots of long-term patients with Blank Insurance. And just like them, I think you will really enjoy our practice.”

Lastly, make sure that your staff is asking the patient’s name and using it throughout the phone call. Your office will come across as being more friendly and personable when you refer to your patients by name.

For help on how to ensure that you or your team isn’t accidentally turning away potential patients, contact a dental marketing professional with Pro Dental Designs!

Posted on Nov 20, 2015
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