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Dental Blog Post Ideas

Blogging ideas for dentistsThere are many benefits to having a blog for your dental practice. Setting up the blog is the easy part, but it can sometimes be a challenge to come up with content to publish. You want to make sure that your blog is interesting and informative enough to keep your patients coming back for more information, but it’s easy to very quickly run out of fresh and creative ideas.

Below, we’ve provided you with a few ideas to help get you over the writer’s block:

  • Dental Health Information
    There’s much more to good oral health than just flossing and brushing. You can write blog posts on common dental ailments and how to prevent them, provide information on more healthy food options, describe common procedures to help your patients understand them, or discuss new studies or research in the dental field.
  • Employee Bios
    Make a few special blog posts profiling the people on your staff. You can include their interests, hobbies, or where they went to school – really anything about them that they’re willing to share! This gives your patients a chance to “meet” and bond with your staff before they even walk you’re your practice.
  • Feature a Satisfied Patient
    If you have a particularly happy patient who has just finished a successful treatment plan, you may want to ask them if they’d be willing to let you feature them on your blog. Make sure to get written authorization from the patient first, in order to keep in compliance with HIPAA. Using testimonials is a great way to let your patients refer you to potential patients.

Please contact Pro Dental Designs for more ideas on how to successfully market your dental practice!

Posted on Feb 21, 2016
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