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Effectively Communicating With Your Dental Patients

Dentist communicating with patientCommunication doesn’t come naturally to everyone. It takes practice and skill to get it right, especially when it comes to effectively communicating with patients in a dental practice. Unfortunately, explaining a dental procedure to someone who didn’t attend dental school may cause some of your patients to feel as though they’re hearing a foreign language.

But verbal communication is just one side of the coin. Consider what your nonverbal cues may say to your patients. If you huff into the operatory, stressed and flustered, the patient will sense that you’re in a hurry, and this can cause further stress and anxiety in a patient who’s probably already a little stressed and anxious. On the other hand, if you enter with a smile, in a relaxed manner, and greet your patient, they will feel more confidence in you and this will put them at ease.

Below are 4 easy ways to improve your communication with your patients:

  • Listen to your patient. This seems like a really easy one, but hear us out. Instead of just hearing their words, pay attention to the way they speak. For example, if you ask a patient how he’s doing today and he answers “fine,” in a nervous and trembling voice, it’s clear he’s not really fine. This is a good opportunity for you to let him know that it’s ok to feel nervous at the dentist office, and let him know of any calming or sedation options you may offer.
  • Make eye contact with your patient. This instills trust, establishes a bond, and lets your patient know that you’re truly listening to them and taking their concerns seriously.
  • Once the appointment is over, linger for a bit. This allows you to bond with your patient and helps them feel like they matter to you. Give them an overview of their visit, ask if they have any questions or concerns, and tell them how good it was to see them again!
  • Identify with your patients. Your ability to empathize with how your patient feels is a huge part of being successful as a dentist. You want your patients to know that you care for them as human beings, not just about their teeth. Ask them how they’re feeling and care for them as a whole.

You can always be asking yourself how you can improve your communication skills! By working hard on the above skills, your patients will feel trust in and loyalty to you, and will look forward to their dental visits!

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Posted on Aug 29, 2016
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