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Finding Positive Uses for Your Dental Patients’ Complaints

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Most dental teams dislike dealing with patient complaints. They’ll listen as a patient relates a problem they’ve had, but no action will really be taken. However, if you start taking patient complaints more seriously, they can be used to benefit your dental practice in the long run. Consider that if one patient makes a complaint, there are other patients who may feel the same way.

Positive Uses for Dental Patient Complaints

Instead of seeing patient complaints as simply an annoyance, see them as an opportunity to improve your dental practice and boost patient loyalty and trust. Below are a few positive uses for patient complaints:

  • Improve Practice Systems – There could be problems holding your practice back that you aren’t even aware of. Complaints can bring these issues to your attention and allow you to fix them properly. For example, if patients are having a hard time getting a prompt appointment with you, you may need to work with a scheduling coordinator to reduce the wait time at your office.
  • Earn Loyalty and Trust – No one enjoys being ignored. If your patients feel like you’re shrugging off their complaints, they may start shopping around for a new dentist. Let patients know you value their concerns and opinions. Thank them for bringing the issue to your attention and let them know you’ll work on a solution right away. Then follow through!
  • Boost Referrals – Patients with complaints aren’t likely to refer their family and friends to your office. But if you take a patient complaint seriously and fix the problem, they’ll know you care and may show this appreciation by referring others to your dental practice.
  • Unite Your Team – Lastly, patient complaints can actually bring your team together. Bring up patient complaints at staff meetings and work together as a team to find solutions. This will promote collaboration among your team members and will do wonders for your dental practice’s productivity!

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Posted on Jun 22, 2020
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